The Premium Cigar –

The distinction is made between machine made cigars and hand rolled cigars.  Premium cigars are generally hand rolled from whole leaves or long filler tobacco. 

Long filler tobacco runs the whole length of the cigar making the burning and drawing qualities of the machine made/short filler cigars inferior to premium long filler cigars.

All premium cigars are made up of three different types of leaves.  The wrapper, the binder and the filler. The wrapper is the outside leaf, which affects most of the appearance of the cigar.


Wrapper leaves have changed over the past 30 years, back in the late 90’s the wrappers were almost, always, shade grown then fermented separately from other leaves to ensure a smooth feel and burn, with a subtle bouquet.

A wrapper leaf can vary in many colours nowadays, from an almost green Candela wrapper to the dark, oily, black Oscuro wrapper.

The Wrapper also must be soft and pliable so that it is easy for the roller to handle.

Generally, the filler is hand bunched and wrapped in the binder leaf before being placed in wooden cigar moulds. 

The binder holds the cigar together and is usually coarser sun grown leaf from the upper part of the plant, chosen because of its good tensile strength.

The premium cigar is always more expensive than their machine-made counterparts because quite simply, they take much longer to make.

More labour intensive and use much more expensively produced, matured leaves. In some instances, there can be over 300+ processes to completion.

In addition, premium cigars must always be kept humidified at the correct humidity & temperature.

Ideally should be stored 16+ – 21 degrees Celsius, and 69 – 74% humidity, you may want to dry box a cigar for a couple of days if a little to moist… again, no right or wrong.

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