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Cigar Oasis and Firmin Cigars Australia is ready to unveil their next generation line of humidifiers. After their 20th Anniversary celebration last year, Cigar Oasis decided it was time to step it up yet again with their ever popular desktop and Cabinet Humidification.

Some of the updates include:

• Enlarged backlit LCD display
• Built-In Wi-Fi with Smart Humidor®
• Brand new App for remote monitoring & control
• Soft-Touch button control
• Updated colors, design and feel
• Micro-USB connection with streamlined ribbon cable connector
• Constant LCD displaying of humidity, temperature and low water alerts

Commenting on the Built-in Smart Humidor®, Donna Oswald said: “A big benefit this brings is that we can now apply all future software updates over the air without any need to update the hardware. It also allows for a very simple setup process right out of the box.”

Existing Smart Humidor® users will have full access to the new app while new users will receive a free trial with access to all app features including live humidity and temperature reports, one year of history, low water alerts, and humidity set point adjustment.

Firmin Cigars are excited to again be the first to bring to the country the Cigar Oasis 3.0 Series. As an extension to their already ever popular and unique Cigar Accessories range.