Cigar FAQs – All Cigar related and Firmin Cigars related Frequently Asked Questions answered for you. We’d love to hear from you – please use the contact form to send us your message or ideas.

q: You have no pictures of the cigars you sell. How can I see what I am buying?

a: yes we are sorry you can’t see pictures, we suggest going to Google or Bing – Australian Federal Law prevents us showing pictures as they deem it advertising and enticement to smoke.
please visit :
q: Is it legal to sell and buy Cuban Cigars in Australia?
a: yes, in Australia it is perfectly legal to sell and buy Cuban Cigars / Havanas. *if you are travelling or sending cigars overseas please check the correct authorities & customs before proceeding.
Firmin Cigars supplies genuine Cuban Cigars from Habanos S.A. via The Pacific Cigar Company (Aust) Pty Ltd. an hold the Senor Curso Habanos Academia Diploma since 2014.
q: Do you have a physical shop I can visit?
a: Firmin Cigars are an online store only, this is why we can offer premium Boutique & Cuban Cigars competetive prices.
q: Does every Cigar need to be cut?
a: No, not all cigars need to be cut, there are many styles of cigars, like machine made/ mass market cigars, these are considered a dry cigar and almost 99% of the time they are precut.
Some Cubans do not need to be cut, like the Clubs, Puritos and Mini Cigarillos these are already cut for convenience.
q:  Are you supposed to inhale cigars?
a: In a word….No!
Cigars are not a hurried affair, they are meant to be savored. Simply let the smoke wash over your palate so you can pick up the various range of flavors from the tobacco, then slowly exhale the smoke.
More advanced smokers will utilize a “retrohale” to find even more flavor notes. The retrohale involves exhaling a portion of the smoke through your nose, but it’s not advised for new smokers. 
Those that say the got sick smoking cigars, you will find it was their first ever and they were sick all night because they inhaled the cigar…if you want to learn the art….then heed the warning of do not inhale cigars!
q: What is a Puro?
a: It is a cigar that is made entirely from the tobacco of only one country. The wrapper, binder and filler are all from the same country.
It is considered a great achievement to be able to make a Puro, as balancing the tastes of the cigar by using tobacco leaves from different countries is a requirement for good, complex tastes.
There are only a few countries that have been able to achieve this honor….they are Cuba, Dominican Republic and Nicaragua. Both have similar soil and very flavorful tobacco leaves, Dominican Republic is the youngest country to this achievment, created by the Fuente Family.
q: We can’t see pictures of the Cigar Cutters on your website, why not?
a: Yes, due to Queensland Tobacco Legisilation this is considered advertising and enticement to is apparently a smoking accoutrement. 
Please write to your local council member or queensland health and perhaps complain about this law as it is legal in the rest of Australia. This is just a queensland law.

q: How do I learn how to tell what flavours I taste ?
a: The best way to educate one’s self on the tastings would be to suggest making notes everytime you smoke a different cigar. This way you start to learn the various nuances that a fine vitola can achieve. 
Below is our gift to you, a tasting template for your education. We loved to read yours so please feel free to email or send them back.