LIGHTER REPAIRS IN AUSTRALIA – Some can and some lighters, just can’t be fixed!

Do you own… or have been handed down an old Dunhill or Cartier Lighter?

Perhaps you bought an old lighter and not sure if it can be repaired??? – RONSON and other OBSCURE lighter brands are not repairable.

Call or email Trent at Firmin Cigars : or use the Contact Us page

Owner and director Trent Firmin worked for Alfred Dunhill of London in Australia for many years selling some of Dunhill’s most unique and famous goods including the ever famous classic gold / gold and lacquer lighters named Dunhill Rollagas, Dunhill Unique and Dunhill Dress Lighters along with some of the exquisite Dunhill Rarities Lighter Range.

Trent also was offered a position at the Cartier Boutique in Surfers Paradise after working at Alfred Dunhill but declined the position.

Not only Dunhill Lighters, but Trent is well versed in all good quality lighters like Dunhill, S.T Dupont & Cartier. Trent will try his best to assist in your lighter requirements. Most Dunhill Lighters can be repaired, maybe you were handed one down and it needs a clean and service. All worn parts will be replaced if required.

Look no further…at Firmin Cigars, we will first ask you to send the lighter to us for assessment – prices starting from $50, from there we will advise if it is possible or not to repair/service or clean your lighter.

Unfortunately some parts for older Cartier Lighters are no longer available due to out of production and discontinued lighters like the 5 Sided Cartier Lighters, GP and Oval Vendome Lighters. Sorry for this inconvenience. Also S.T Dupont will  no longer be offered, please contact Dupont, Paris.

We will consign lighters to sell via our Estate Items page, if deemed ‘worthy” after going through rigorous checks, if you are interested in selling.

RONSON LIGHTERS – are no longer serviced, and there is no service centre in Australia sorry we cannot assist further.

Alfred Dunhill Lighter repaired by Firmin Cigars, Australia  S.T Dupont Lighter