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Habanos S.A. is a Cuban Cigar manufacturing company of tobacco that controls the promotion, distribution, and export of premium Cuban cigars and other tobacco products for Cuba, worldwide. It was established in 1994.

Cigars manufactured in Cuba from tobacco grown within that island nation. Historically regarded as among the world’s “finest”, they are synonymous with the island’s culture and contribute nearly one quarter of the value of all exports from the country.

The filler, binder, and wrapper may come from different areas of the island, though much is produced in Pinar del Río province, in the regions of Vuelta Abajo and Semi Vuelta, as well as in farms in the Viñales region.

All cigar production in Cuba is controlled by state-owned Cubatabaco. The Cuban cigar is also referred to as El Habano. And Cuba have Habanos specialists world wide and Firmin Cigars CEO is a Senior Curso Specialist.