Padron Cigars – Nicaragua

Padron Cigars first founded in September 8th, 1964 in Little Havana, Florida.

June 26th, 1970 Padron Cigars begins manufacturing in Nicaragua under name Tabacos Cubanica.

October 20th, 1978 Jose O. Padron travels to Cuba to negotiate release of political prisoners, he meets with Fidel Castro & Cuban Goverment thus leading to several bombing of Padron Cigars Headquarters in Miami.

July 8th, 1979 Padron begins prodction in Honduras under the name Tabacos Centroamericanos.

1979 through to 1983 – Padron Headquarters Miami has been bombed four times during that period.

April 30th, 1985 President Reagan declares economic embargo against Nicaragua all exports to U.S. are prohibited.

1985 to 1990 Due to the embargo Padron Cigars ceases all operations in Nicaragua and the entire production is moved to Honduras manufacturing facility.

February, 1990 – Democratic elections held in Nicaragua, embargo is lifted and Tabacos Cubanica, S.A. reopens

August, 1994 in celebration of it’s 30th Anniversary, Padron creates the Anniversary line, marking the release of the 1964 Anniversary Series both Natural and Maduro wrappers.

October, 1998 Hurricane Mitch causes massive destruction to much of Nicaragua. Padron Cigars owned Paso Real Farm is destroyed.

2000 Padron launches the Limited Edition Millennium Series.

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