We are delighted to be able to show you just how much our customers appreciate our service, knowledge and quality products by listing their personal testimonials and 5 Star ratings. Our competitors tried to have them taken down through Google but at Firmin Cigars that won’t stop us.

Our valued and loyal customers wanted you to know just what you might be missing out on……



Trent provides high quality product, service and care to his customers. He sold me my first real cigar about 5 years ago – he took the time to understand my situation, and coached me on what to purchase as a newbie. He still pays the same attention to this day. Highly recommended!



Without doubt a spectacular connoisseur of his craft i receive 5 star advice and cigars that are catered specifically for my tastes and the bespoke clientele I engage with! He hits it on the button every time …. can’t give him enough thanks … looking forward to his exemplary stellar quality into the future.

Many thanks


Russ P

Trent at Firmin cigars  has a wealth of experience and knowledge.

With a customer service that rises above all.

His  boutique packaging and delivery services are amazing.

He has a smorgasbord of cigars, and if you are new to the game , you will be educated in cigar’s soon enough.

 I would highly recommend firmincigars, and would proudly continue to do business with Trent .

 His an all round great guy.

Cheers mate 


Morrie A.

Good on you Trent. You don’t need reviews anyway…. your business is built on word-of-mouth testimony of customers who standby your service and expertise – which is technology proof and impervious to technical interruptions like this. Stay focussed – your business is YOU.


When I was a little kid my grandma used to say to me “when people speak ill of you, so live your life that no one believes them”. You already do that Trent Firmin. If you want my opinion mate, your business has and will experience continual and exceptional growth because of you and how you operate mate. Congruent, professional, and with genuine customer service. Keep up the great work mate

John S


Your a living legend mate.


Trent truly makes you feel like a VIP no matter how much you spend. Customer service to the highest standards.

5 STAR Google Reveiw!

Michael Halliday

Trent is incredible. Not only does he treat you like a friend his professionalism and incredible promptness with each and every order is amazing.
Will always support this amazing business.

5 STAR Google Review!


Thank you Firmin Cigars, always such a wonderful experience when dealing with your company. Five Stars all the way!!

5 STAR Google Review!


Trent is an absolute encyclopedia of knowledge when it comes to cigars. I have bought cigars from many places both domestically and internationally, but no where has even come close to the service provided by Trent. You will not regret setting up a relationship with this man and his company with regards to cigars.

5 STAR Google Review!

Anthony Fitch

The customer service here is second to none, a great experience every time. It doesn’t matter if you have been into Cigars for quite a while or just beginning your journey and not sure where to start, I suggest you start and stay with Firmin Cigars, Trent will treat you right.

5 STAR Google Review!


Trent knows the world of cigars like no one I have met before. His knowledge and expertise goes a long way and results in very high quality products being stocked and sold and his customer service is impeccable. Thanks again Trent 

5 STAR Google Review!


So I received my backwoods yesterday! Thank u so much! They did not disappoint!! Thank u for completing my life goal as now I have tried every flavor of backwoods. The bananas are so smooth! They were actually fresher than I expected as well, it rolled perfectly. 

Pearl, game on point!

Will Steel

“Firmin cigars has second to none service. Trent goes above and beyond for every customer and pays attention to detail”

5 STAR Google Review!

Georgia Hopkinson

8th December 2017

My order arrived very quickly and was beautifully gift wrapped for Christmas. It was a very personal gift…as it was for my father, Thank you Trent, you went above and beyond.”

5 STAR Google Review!

James King

19th December 2017

Thanks again for arranging everything – and I’m privileged to call you friend and my personal cigar concierge! I love the packaging effort/gift wrapping! Excellent!

PS: the gar lighters/cedar wood is exemplary!

5 STAR Google Review!

Steve S.

10th January 2018

Congrats! You got a 5-star review
“Goes above and beyond to give a class experience and supply the finest cigars. The time alone spent with me has been invaluable. Thanks Trent”
Jason Rushton

13th February 2018

Congrats! You got a 5-star review
“Amazing guy and a great friend helped me get into the real cigars and I have never turned back since.”
James Muirhead

13th February 2018

Congrats! You got a 5-star review
“Trent is knowledgeable on all things cigar/pipe, and provides quality customer service.”
Jared Harper

13th February 2018

Congrats! You got a 5-star review
“Trent is incredible. Not only does he treat you like a friend his professionalism and incredible service is second to none. Thanks Trent”
Stogie Bear

13th February 2018

Hi Trent,

 Thank you for your kind words..and thank you for all your help and assistance with providing Bob with his beloved cigars the past year. Wishing you all the best too.


Penny - Bob Hawke's PA

24th May 2019

Congrats! You got a 5-star review

If you want absolute first class service, care and attention backed up by many years of leading industry knowledge you want to be dealing with Trent at Firmin Cigars. He has the most incredible knowledge of Cigars and Tobacco, and will steer you to the perfect smoke each and every time. I would never deal with any other store but Firmin Cigars again.

Shaun Murphy

23rd May 2019

Congrats! You got a 5-star review

Trent always looks after me like I’m the most important customer in the world.
In reality I buy about 10 cigars a year but he always asks about flavours I like and really tries to always get me the best choices for my taste.
Just had a daughter and the amount of time he took to get the right cigar with the beer I was going to drink to celebrate her birth was awsome.
You just don’t get service like that anymore.

Craig S.

26th April 2019

Congrats! You got a 5-star review

What great service, wonderful range of cigars. Trent is one of the most knowledgeable in the industry.

Clive V

22nd April 2019

Congrats! You got a 5-Star review

What great service!

Emilie Hofstad

21st May 2019